Kicks Stay Fly

Sweatshirt: SBDNC Apparel

Bottoms: Amazon

Bag: Glam-A-Holic Lifestyle by Mia Ray

Necklace: Privileged: Because Membership Matters

Bracelet/Earrings: Amazon

Watch: Apple Series 3

Shoes: Nike AirMax 90 Dancefloor Green


Welp the title says it all! “Kicks Stay Fly! I am a lover of fly sneakers and this little combo expressed the Crazy.Sexy.Cool. look I was going for on a fall Saturday. I don’t always like sneakers and jeans, so I decided to pair the sneakers with my faux liquid leggings and AirMax 90 that I cop’d from As far as accessories I accented using black and silver, with my bag is a product of my hometown Detroit courtesy of native designer Mia Ray brand Glam-A-Holic Lifestyle. The bag has the stamped monogram “G” for  Glam-A-Holic over the entire bag and a shiny silver chain along with “G” in sleek silver. Coordinated with casual jewelry of my Privileged: Because Membership Matters, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Inc. necklace. Finishing off this look with my series 3 Apple watch and large silver rhinestone hoop earrings to give some spark!

  • Kesh