Dress: Chic Couture Online

Bag/Earrings: Amazon

Shoes: Macy’s


Evening for an elegant affair themed birthday celebration!! I always stay ready, I had originally bought from Chic Couture Online boutique, this silver sparkle for my 36th birthday but I decided not to wear it. Since the dress was an attention seeker it did not take much to accessorize, but I did want to stay within the rim of being a standout with my pieces. I purchased my bag from Amazon and shoes from Macy’s and both were a perfect match to achieving the look I had visualized. For the front portion of my dress, I will say that I used boob tape from the beauty supply that worked pretty well. I’m not a professional at boob tape, so it took me about 4x to get it right! My large teardrop earrings were a purchase from a Houston local accessory shop, that brought this look together for an upscale look!


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